Program Overview

In 2011, the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) launched Encore Fellows in Community Health Centers (EFCHC) to help health centers in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley and San Diego significantly improve operational performance. We are actively recruiting new fellows for the 2013 program.

Fellows earn a $25,000 stipend, learn about community healthcare, and develop a network of contacts for the future. Interested?

Encore Fellows are highly experienced professionals with an average of 20+ years of experience. They bring both a targeted skill set and new perspectives to the challenges faced by health centers. The Fellows report to a designated staff member on the health center’s management team and interact with employees in the relevant departments. The health centers define the project goals and the Fellows provide frequent updates to ensure the work stays on target.

2011 Encore Fellows

Project Focus Areas

Fifteen experienced business professionals signed up to work half-time in fifteen health centers on areas of critical need defined by the health centers. The key areas of project focus are:

  • Information Technology
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Community Outreach
  • Marketing


Fellows and Health Center Management Experiences

The Encore Fellows program is really critical to Community Health Centers and their success in that it provides you an opportunity to have additional individuals with expertise help you grow and help you implement health care reform.
Reymundo Espinoza – CEO, Gardner Family Health Network
Both the concept and the execution are brilliant: take highly skilled resources that are underutilized and put them to work in areas of great human need.
Encore Fellow, 2011
Our fellow was great. He took the initiative, was adaptable, and had the operational and technical know-how required that resulted in significant savings for the health center.
Wayne Yost – CFO, Ravenswood Family Health Center
The expertise fellows bring is invaluable. They have skills health centers don’t have, for example on the business side.
Health Center CEO
It is so wonderful to have someone to strategize with and to think things through with; we even talk on the phone over the weekend. I use her as a sounding board.
Health Center CEO
He went way above what we expected.
Health Center CEO
Encore Fellowships are a two way street of experience: supporting health centers with my management skills and learning about the fantastic care they deliver.
David Quist, 2011 EF-CHC Encore Fellow